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Yemaya Mastermind 


Imagine it’s January 1st, 2020 and you have a deep, unwavering love for yourself and the life you’re living. You have a village of supportive women cheering you on. Your vision for your life, career and relationships is crystal clear and you’re energized and in high vibrational alignment with the universe. You’re out in the world creating your dreams and helping other women rise in the process. This is the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been. Your life feels completely transformed and you’re steering the ship.


Sound good so far? 

Keep reading...

Why Yemaya?

Yemaya is the Goddess of the Ocean and the New Year. 

She is a goddess of comfort and inspiration. Yemaya reminds us that even the worst catastrophes can be endured and that, with her help, we can learn to negotiate the ebbs and flows of change in our lives with her wisdom, courage, and grace. We love Yemaya and hope you do too!



Yemaya is for you if you are…


  • Wanting to connect deeply with a village of sisters who truly stand for each other 

  • A powerhouse woman ready to slow down, nourish and reconnect with yourself

  • Eager to clarify your vision and learn how to execute

  • Ready to raise your vibration and get the results you want 

  • Running into the same hurdle over & over again and ready to break through

  • Noticing a voice and/or limiting belief that’s keeping you taking the next step in your career

  • Struggling with a deep inner challenge right now and are ready to heal and elevate

  • Looking to call in a new partner or deeper level of intimacy in your relationships 

  • Craving more play, rest and PURPOSE in your life & career

What You’ll Receive


  • TEN bi monthly  group calls where we dive deep into topics such as:

    • Nutrition, Hormones and Managing Stress

    • The Importance of Rituals 

    • Shadow Work, Identifying Limiting Beliefs & Breaking Through them

    • What is your purpose? Let’s clarify your vision

    • Business and Career Strategy 101

    • Abundance and the Power of Language

    • Creating Deeper Purpose and Paying it Forward

  • Hot seat coaching sessions with the best coaches, therapists and healers on the planet

  • One hour long deep dive call to get clear on your Yemaya goals and prepare you for success

  • Two one-on-one coaching calls with your choice of Yemaya coaches

  • 5 months of modules and challenges designed to help you reach your personal and career goals

  • Access to our Yemaya Private Facebook group for daily support and community

  • Daily accountability from your buddy and small group

  • 5 Facebook Guest Expert Sessions with live Q & A

  • A Village of sisters who will take a stand for you as you transform your life!

A two day in-person workshop weekend in Los Angeles, CA (but zoom enabled) with the best coaches and healers around. Get ready to breakthrough your BS and leave transformed. 
A three day retreat in the mountains of Idyllwild, California. Yes please!
Be a part of making a massive impact in LA by creating an event supporting women who don't have access to the tools, community and resources they need to thrive. We'll explain more about this once you apply!

And there's MORE...

Real Results

It is said we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with, build lifelong relationships with a network of women who will support you in playing life at your highest level and achieving your goals and dreams


Dissolve your deep distrust and resistance to letting in support from other women and enter into a village with sisters who will always have your back and show you what it feels like to be supported and trusted


Breakthrough your limiting beliefs and stories holding you back so you powerfully create the personal and professional success you desire


Journey to a new, loving, trusting relationship with yourself as the foundation for calling the love, intimacy, and friendships that you desire


Personal rock-star support made up of the best coaches, healers, speakers, and leaders on this planet who are there to support you with breaking through the obstacles standing in your way

Collaborate with the best therapists, healers, coaches, nutritionists and leaders to build your support team and catapult you to success

 When you fully Participating in this Mastermind You Will:

  • Emerge Healthier and Happier than ever before

  • Liberate yourself from old stories, patterns and pain cycles (breakthrough your bullshit)

  • Connect to women that love and believe in you

  • Help other women you believe in elevate their careers and success

  • Create a clear vision for your future and take committed action towards making it a reality

  • Create financial abundance

  • Access deep inner Joy and Peace

  • Raise your vibration to attract the life, love and success you desire

  • Create a deeper sense of purpose in your life by supporting women who need you

So, are you ready to join us? 


We are hand selecting 20 women to join us on this journey.

Please APPLY HERE if you are interested as space is limited.

We will contact you shortly after we receive your application to proceed.

**There is no financial obligation to apply**


Are you ready to vibe high and live your best life?

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